Supervising Social Worker

Meet Debbie

I joined Alliance Foster Care on 16th September. Prior to this I have worked in the fostering field for 18 years as both an unqualified and qualified Social Worker. I started my career within a small IFA called Nene Valley Fostering, now known as Fostering Solutions Oundle. I have worked for the Local Authority in both Peterborough and Birmingham. I have had a variety of roles but my last one being as the duty social worker, I was the one who matched the children coming into care with the carers. I also covered the carer recruitment for Peterborough City Council from October 2019.

I have missed working directly with carers and I am looking forward to meeting everyone as time goes on. I feel very strongly about appropriate matching and ensure that the carers I work with will be fully supported and able to meet the needs of the children they have placed with them. We all want the best possible outcome for the children in our care.
When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my two children, family and my new puppy Stanley."