Fostering Transforms Lives

Transforming Lives NFA Scotland

11/07/2018 4:32pm

We asked our Foster Carer Isobel what the best thing about fostering is. She said “It’s so rewarding seeing them come out the other end after a rocky start. It’s great to see them achieving something”.

Isobel & Ian have 13 year-old Sacha in their care who has just won a local tennis competition which saw her and her 7 team mates taking a VIP trip to Wimbledon. Sacha has not had an easy start and has in fact had a turbulent year with many challenges to face, but with great support from Isobel and Ian and also her school Sacha has manged to turn things around

Isobel says she turned a corner when her school encouraged her to join the Prince’s Trust. Sacha is a very sporty girl who loves everything connected with the outdoor. She had never had the opportunity to join clubs because of her lack of confidence, but with gentle encouragement and support decided to give it a try.   Through school and the Prince’s Trust, she was given the opportunity to try different sports including tennis.  Sacha’s team then went on to win a local tennis competition giving them the opportunity to visit and have a VIP tour of Wimbledon, as well as finding her forte!

Sacha said “I don’t think I would ever have had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon if we hadn’t won this competition. It was a great day, we got to watch lots of matches which was great fun and we saw Judy Murray, Andy’s mum.  It was really busy, totally mobbed”

Sacha enjoyed the experience so much she plans to continue playing tennis and has joined the tennis club at school.

We asked Isobel what she would say to anyone who is considering fostering?

“It can be a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs but it is so rewarding. If you’re thinking about it, go for it!

If you’re thinking of fostering, please call NFA Scotland on 0800 044 3030 for more information and find out how you could transform lives. Be amazing!