Past, Present and Future Campaign


22/02/2018 3:17pm

National Fostering Agency (NFA) South West has launched it’s Past, Present and Future campaign in North Devon. North Devon foster carers came together to celebrate and share their personal experiences of being a foster carer with each other.


The celebration included two speakers, Sue Beale, the South West Regional Manager, spoke about the development of NFA in the region and the need for ongoing recruitment to meet the needs of 1000s of children and young people in need of care. Sue also introduced Yvonne Matthews, the first SSW in the area whose granddaughter Jess has followed the same career path with NFA. Yvonne spoke about what has changed and what has stayed the same despite the passage of time.

“The SSW role remains much the same, although the legislation and regulations are very much stricter now for the safety of children. Being a ‘professional parent’ is the most underrated job in the world. Caring for the next generation is a mixture of teacher, nurse, psychologist and add one more – you are all the Keeper of Memories, Maker of Memories, Recorder of Memories – that all our children need.”

Carers enjoyed a shared against a background of chatter and laughter as stories were recalled and shared form the past. Carers stories and experiences will be shared on the South West Facebook page over the coming weeks and months as we all continue to make and share memories.