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Enhanced Foster Care believes in going above and beyond – for its children and young people, for its foster carers and for Local Authorities.

The agency describes itself as “incredibly committed and child-centred”, pointing out that its team has around 90 years’ experience between them in supporting children and young people.

If they feel a child is not getting what they need, they advocate strongly on their behalf and don’t shy away from having difficult conversations.


Office Details

Boreham Mill
BA12 9HQ

Phone number
01985 218505

General email
[email protected]

Opening Hours

  • Head Office
  • Training Centres
  • Support Groups

Support and training

The agency provides comprehensive training tailored to individual carer needs. Supervising social workers are in regular contact and attend all keymeetings. There is a clinical team to assist foster carers, whenever necessary, and a dedicated out of hours service providing around the clock advice and support. Because of the agency’s small size, the team knows its foster carers well and can step in to provide practical hands-on support if it is needed. The agency takes a pragmatic approach and always endeavours to do whatever is necessary to resolve issues.

Foster carer forum

It has a foster carer forum which offers peer-to-peer support and regular events and activities. This encourages a feeling of togetherness and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and insights in a supportive and empathetic environment. All foster carers are also part of the Fostering Network which offers independent advice, information and support.

Ethical and transparent

Enhanced Foster Care respects and values difference and embraces diversity. It believes in looking after people – children, foster carers and staff – and works hard to provide a service that is ethical and transparent. It balances the need to offer value for money against a desire to deliver the best possible outcomes. In surveys, foster carers say they feel supported and listened to and they appreciate the back-up provided by Supervising Social Worker and other members of the team.

Enhanced Foster Care is proud of its placement stability. It works closely as a team to support foster carers in providing a safe, stable base for children so they can grow into confident adults and make their own way inthe world. It is excited about joining the National Fostering Group as it will enable it to build on its existing service and offer a wider range of benefits to young people and foster carers.

“We are known for being a family-orientated agency with a personal touch and, even though we are now part of a bigger organisation, these remain our core values. It is about providing high levels of support for foster carers, outstanding outcomes for children and young people, and exceptional value for money for Local Authorities. We’ve worked hard to become the first choice independent fostering agency for foster carers and Local Authorities and to help children overcome adverse experiences and improve their life chances.”

Registered Manager, Paul Woakes

OFSTED report

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Carers feel exceptionally valued and well supported. As a result, children receive high levels of good-quality care.

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Office Updates

  • I have been so proud to be part of ‘team EFC’ this year. Everyone within the team has gone that extra mile to support their carers and each other. Every challenge has been overcome with tenacity and creatively keeping the children/young people the centre of everything. I would like to say a massive thank you to Bob, Paul, Dora, Gareth and Linda for their ongoing support and commitment. I am looking forward to the New Year together - Sarah B We would all like to thank you all for your commitment to your children and young people this year you have been amazing, facing many challenges. We have really enjoyed the stories and photos from you showing the wonderful things that you have done and achieved this year. I hope you all have a peaceful, safe and Happy Christmas.
  • VIRTUAL So no travelling and easier to dip in and out. Being virtual means that forums can be accessed by all carers at the same time bringing Devon and Wiltshire carers together. LESS RECORDING Recording will be minimal to enabling carers to use the space to share ideas, think out-loud and talk openly. Attendance list, list of any additional knowledge/ materials/ talks, learning updates supplied to the group so that these can be added to carers professional development files. List of any issues the group has requested Jacquie to feedback to the SW team. JACQUIE WILL FACILITATE and will feedback anything the groups requests her to do so. Seek out materials, share new information/ policy / legislation that is pertinent for carers to know, facilitate guest speakers where possible and invite the SW team to give updates.
  • On the 13th February 2020, we were very pleased to visit the Proud2Be group in Totnes on one of their social evenings. We had an enjoyable evening sharing information to their group members about fostering. Max and Maya and everyone we spoke to were very welcoming and we hope to spend more time with them in the future. Proud2Be CIC is a social enterprise that supports LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or questioning+) people and their families, in South Devon and beyond, to lead empowered, fulfilled and authentic lives. Inspired by their own experiences of bullying, discrimination and shame- identical twins Max & Maya Price set up Proud2Be in 2011 when they recorded the first Proud2Be video. Since then various public figures and members of the public have contributed to the campaign. Proud2Be facilitates a number of groups and events, including a social evening, a Saturday social and Totnes Pride. In 2014, Proud2Be launched its youth project which now includes a youth group, 121 youth mentoring and a family support group. Proud2Be delivers workshops to students and awareness training to organisations around the UK.

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