Helping you be the
best foster carer
you can be

that’s our kind of fostering

Do you enjoy being with children? Do you have the patience and understanding to work through difficulties? Do you have the time, energy and passion to help turn a child’s life around?

If you do, you already share many of the characteristics of our foster carers.

Be Amazing!

“I retired in my late fifties,
and was living on my own,
in a lovely home. Fostering
was at the back of my mind.
And I just thought “I could
do that. I could make a
difference in a child’s life”

Here’s some things to bear in mind about fostering.

Fostering takes a lot of time and effort so your work (or your partner’s) needs to afford you the time, income and energy you’ll need. Your whole family, including any children of your own, will need to welcome a new child into your home and they will need a bedroom of their own. You will need a lot of patience, understanding and dedication – but the reward you get back is tremendous.

Be Amazing!

Giving you
choices too

Throughout the fostering assessment process, we’ll work with you to identify your strengths and figure out where your hard work will be the most helpful. Our thorough assessment process, which takes about four months, will fully prepare you for your first child. We want you and the children in your care to have the best possible quality of life, so you will be able to consider all the information about a child to ensure they fit best with your family.

Be Amazing!

Not only the biggest.

Simply the best.

Since we were founded in 1995, the National Fostering Agency has grown to become the largest independent fostering agency in the UK. Our vision was never to become the biggest; it has always been to be "simply the best".