helping a child
smile again

that’s our kind of fostering

Helping a child smile again might seem a small thing.

But as a foster carer it’s huge.

It’s the smile that says you’ve given a child somewhere they feel safe. Somewhere they feel secure. Where they feel cared for and loved. It’s a smile that says you’re fostering. If it’s something you think you could do, do something amazing.

Be Amazing!

Working Together

Through all the ups and downs

At NFA, we don’t pretend fostering is easy. But we know that it works.
The children we work with may have been through some bad experiences. Their behaviour can be challenging, they can be difficult to get through to. But they are still children. They still need and deserve your safety, your security, your love and care. Yet with NFA beside you, you’ll never be alone. You’re part of our foster family, thanks to all the support and training we offer.

Be Amazing!

Bringing back
a smile

We ask foster carers to give children a safe space to be. To know what it’s like to have adults who care, who provide, who love. You can be the person who does the amazing – and helps a troubled child smile again. With you behind them, perhaps one day they can be reunited with their families. Or where this is not possible, move on to adoption, or independent living.

Be Amazing!

Not only the biggest.

Simply the best.

Since we were founded in 1995, the National Fostering Agency has grown to become the largest independent fostering agency in the UK. Our vision was never to become the biggest; it has always been to be "simply the best".