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Fostering Relations

Established in Fife, Scotland as an independent fostering agency (IFA) focusing on creating high quality foster homes for children and young people, Fostering Relations empowers our foster carers to meet the specific needs of those in their care.

Representing an IFA of choice for local authorities across Scotland, we work alongside them to ensure the right children are matched with the right foster carers who are able to give them a safe and empathetic home.

Whether emergency, respite, short-term or long-term care is required, our goal is to provide our foster carers with the right level of training and support to help them achieve the very best outcomes for children in their care.

This is made possible through a culture of continuous improvement of our services to children, carers and local authorities by regularly evaluating what makes a successful fostering home; in order to not only meet but also exceed Health and Social Care Standards wherever possible.

Why Fostering Relations

  • Become part of an expert fostering team

    Wherever you live within the Central Belt, Dundee, Fife, Perthshire, Ayrshire or Dumfries & Galloway, becoming a foster carer with us means joining a close-knit fostering network where you will receive 24/7 phone support, regular meetings with social care experts, Education Support Coordinators and numerous opportunities for engaging in knowledgeable training sessions from local Training coordinators.

  • Types of foster care suitable for your situation

    After you have decided to become a foster carer with us, part of your assessment period will involve chatting to your dedicated supervising social worker around whether emergency, short-term or long-term foster care are best for your circumstances.

  • Fostering allowance for a good quality of life.

    Here at Fostering Relations we value the amount of time and effort our foster carers put in towards caring for children and young people needing a safe and loving home. That’s why the generous fostering allowance given when you are caring for a child is intended to cover everything they need to have happy and balanced life, whilst also helping you with bills and other household expenses.

  • Start your fostering adventure today!

    If you feel inspired to prompt positive change to the lives of vulnerable young children in Scotland by what you’ve read so far, then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team for more information on how you can become a foster carer with us.

Our locations

Our office is based in Grangemouth

We support foster cares across Central Scotland and have locally delivered training and support groups.