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Apply to be a foster carer

Who are Fostering Relations?

Fostering Relations wholly supports the view that foster carers deserve recognition for the immensely positive contribution they make to the lives of children and young people every day.

Our ethos is embedded in the flourishing relationships we have developed over the years with our carers, local authorities and with children and young people in our care.

We also have working connections with service providers such as psychologists, psychiatrists, play and art therapists to ensure that what is needed in order to assist with a child’s development or a carer’s ability to meet the specific needs of a child can be accessed as swiftly as possible.

We are totally committed to a partnership approach where skills and experience can be shared and we believe that this can only strengthen the care experience for children and young people placed with us.

Fostering assessment explained

When applying to become a foster carer with Fostering Relations, it is important to remember that we will guide you through every step of the assessment process.

We make sure that you are always aware of what is expected of you, who and when you will be meeting, and are always on hand to answer any of your fostering questions no matter how big or small.

Taking approximately four to six months to complete, your fostering assessment looks more closely at how you can foster, as opposed to focusing on reasons why you might think you can’t, and entails the following steps:

  • One of our experienced social workers will work with you to determine how you are able to meet the needs of a child, which types of fostering would suit you and your situation, and go into more detail about what you can expect from us in terms of training and support.
  • You will get the chance to find out more about what fostering a child will be like on your three-day ‘Skills to Foster’ course. Arranged at a time and location to suit you, this allows you to really get a feel for what being a foster carer entails, as you be able to chat to current foster and staff about their experiences.
  • Your Foster Panel meeting signifies the end of the assessment process. Your Panel date is both our panel of experienced professionals and your last opportunity to ensure that children entrusted to your care will be living in a safe and caring household during their stay – and will hopefully be the start of a rewarding fostering adventure!

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