Welcome to Safehouses Fostering

We are a small, family-feel independent fostering agency based in Norfolk, covering East Anglia, Suffolk, Rayleigh, Peterborough and North Essex including Clacton. We currently work with more than 25 foster carers and over 30 children. In 2020 we joined National Fostering Group.

Office Details

Keystone Innovation Centre
Croxton Road
IP24 1JD

Phone number
0800 7747901

General email
[email protected]

Opening Hours

  • Head Office
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Safehouses Fostering is a small agency and we know all our foster families and children very well and provide high levels of support. Our foster carers appreciate the friendly, family approach and the accessibility of staff, including senior managers. Foster children are encouraged to share their views and shape our agency by participating in a quarterly forum.

We offer many different types of foster care and Ofted has rated us as GOOD in our most recent assessment. Our foster carers can claim a wide range of perks and benefits, like free membership to The Fostering Network, Max Cards,high street discounts, invitations to family activities and events, and much more.

People from all walks of life become foster carers. You can help to inspire a generation of vulnerable children and young people to find their way in the world and help us build an incredible future for them. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer with Safehouses, please get in touch with us today

OFSTED report

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Carers welcome children into their homes, help them settle and provide nurturing placements.

Strong staff team

We have a strong and cohesive staff team who work closely together. Supervising social workers don’t just get to know the foster families they supervise, but familiarise themselves with all of the foster carers so they can offer support if needed. For example, if a foster carer calls the out-of-hours service, information will have been shared with the person on call so they don’t have to explain everything from scratch. Our foster carers are encouraged to take respite breaks; we support and facilitate this if necessary.


During the pandemic, we adapted our support and training to ensure that foster carers and children could continue to participate online. This approach worked so well that numbers on fostering training programmes rose because people could access specialist courses without having to drive long distances.

The numbers participating in support groups also increased as more people were able to join online, especially foster carers with full-time jobs who had previously struggled to attend. (As we are now part of National Fostering Group, foster carers will have even more access to locally-delivered training as well as online courses after the pandemic.)


We are especially proud of the resilience and resourcefulness of our foster carers, who go out of their way to support their foster children. In return, we offer whatever support is needed to keep placements stable and ensure foster carers feel well-resourced.

Supervising social workers provide a buffer between foster carers and the local authority to allow our carers to focus on doing what they are best at – caring for foster children. This helps to achieve many excellent outcomes for children and our agency has a high number of long-term placements.

Everyone matters

Everyone in the team is regarded as vital to the effective running of our agency and treated with understanding, respect and compassion.  We are supportive and enabling, when things don’t go according to plan, staff accept responsibility and learn from what happened and embrace change.

Communication is key and the registered manager is available to provide support with difficult issues, as well as making regular visits to foster families to ensure that everything is going well. If something needs changing, we are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure the service feels supportive to all.

Foster carers frequently comment on how well-supported they feel, from administrative staff up to senior managers. This is reflected in local authority feedback about the foster carers, who frequently receive praise for their outstanding levels of care. We regard foster carers as a key part of the team and regularly seeks their point of view particularly in relation to improvements that could be made.

Benefits of being part of the National Fostering Group

As one of the newest members of National Fostering Group, we are looking forward to offering a broader range of educational resources for foster children who are unable to access mainstream school. We also welcome the chance to broaden our therapeutic support to foster carers and the range of training opportunities.

Office Updates

  • 2021 Commemorative Carer Calendar
    2020 was a very different and difficult year so thank goodness we had decided to do something different to commemorate it. Rather than the same old tired Christmas cards, we wanted to get the children involved in the design of something that all the Carers could enjoy for longer than just 4 weeks so we launched our Commemorative Calendar competition. All the children in our families took part and really used the opportunity to get their feelings out about lockdown, missing their friends and what or who they felt grateful for. The result has been an incredibly creative and cathartic compilation of photography, original artwork, spoken word pieces, mixed media collages and even baked creations – and not a banana bread in sight!

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