Why are foster carers so important?

Why are foster carers so important?

For a child, entering the foster care system is often a frightening and stressful experience. Being taken away from the place they once felt safe and being surrounded by strangers in unfamiliar territory, is a terrifying thing to go through. Foster carers provide a safe, loving environment for these vulnerable children. With their love and support, the children in their care quickly adapt and often thrive. Put simply, foster carers help to make a real difference to vulnerable children in society.

Understanding the difference foster carers make

As of late 2015, there were over 63,000 children living with around 55,000 foster carers throughout the UK. It’s hard to believe looking at those figures that there are still thousands more in desperate need of a foster home.

Without foster carers, where would these children end up? Most likely, they would be placed into children’s homes, which can be really traumatic for the child. Being placed into a secure home environment is much better for vulnerable children and in turn for society as a whole.

As a foster carer, the difference you can make for the vulnerable children in your care is remarkable. Children thrive when they are shown love, empathy and understanding. The dedication, love and support provided by a foster parent can determine how that child develops from there on out.43e39040_350.jpg

Helping vulnerable children to grow into healthy, happy individuals

No matter how long a foster child remains in care, it provides them with support, love and security that helps to shape their future. A foster home reduces the feeling of abandonment and shows they are cared for. The difference this can make as they enter their adult lives is amazing. Children need love in order to flourish. Without foster carers, vulnerable children could end up making bad choices and getting into worse situations.

The work that foster carers do within society, really does make a difference. Not only that, but it’s a rewarding job that works both ways. It doesn’t just make a difference to the children, it also changes the life of the carer too. Seeing a child start to achieve things because they are happy and content despite the things they have been through is extremely humbling for a foster parent.

With over 10,000 children still in need of a loving foster home in the UK, more foster carers are desperately required. Do you think you have what it takes to take on this important role? Discover more about why you should consider fostering, or contact us now.

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