Fostering Transforms Lives

We asked our Foster Carer Steve what the best thing about fostering is. He said undoubtedly it’s being able to make a difference to a young person’s life.

Steve & Carol have had a young man called Michael in their care for 10 years now and are really proud of how he has taken this opportunity and used it to transform his life. Michael had a difficult and troubled start to life, made more difficult by being partially sighted; he is blind in one eye and has partial sight in the other. He came into their care after years in residential care and was not an easy placement. As Steve said, he was angry and demanding but really he just needed someone to love him.

His behaviour was initially challenging and he struggled in school but he responded well to consistency and being in a safe and stable environment. Aged 16, he reached a turning point where he could have left school and foster care and enrolled in an employment scheme but he chose to stay where he was. He later tried leaving to live in supported accommodation but decided that he wasn’t ready for it and moved back with Steve and Carol. He then got the opportunity via the local authority to apply for a job at Edinburgh Airport with Swiss Port. Michael went for the interview and was delighted to be offered the job! He’s now been there for 2 months and really enjoying earning his own money and his independence; he gets 2 buses to and from Fife to work.

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Steve said he is most proud of the fact that Michael does not let his disability hold him back, he is determined to just get on with life despite his difficult start.

We asked Steve what he would say to anyone who is considering fostering?

“It can be very challenging but that just accentuates the rewards and the highs. To see a young person overcome the worst start in life and battle though it with a bit of guidance, love and support is really amazing.”

He also said the ongoing training and support from your fostering agency is key and that is why he rates NFA Scotland so highly.

If you’re thinking of fostering, please call NFA Scotland on 0330 022 9135 for more information and find out how you could transform lives. Be amazing!

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