NFA South West Winter Walk

Our amazing foster carers put a huge amount of energy into looking after the children in their care. We think they deserve opportunities to enjoy the simple things in life and re-charge the batteries. So it was a pleasure to walk on Westward Ho! beach with some of our North Devon carers just recently. Accompanied by three seemingly inexhaustible cocker spaniels we thoroughly enjoyed the wide open space, the blue sky and sunshine; despite it being a brisk 4 degrees! There is nothing quite like a Winter Walk on a beach to recharge the batteries.

As we clambered over the huge pebbles on this piece of coastline, one of our group said “just look out for the 7th wave”. As a large wave swept rapidly up the beach, over the rocks and into our boots we understood only too well!

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We squelched on undeterred and as we walked alongside the golf course, we paused to enjoy the views out to sea. Behind us one of our canine companions ‘borrowed’ a golf ball from some bemused golfers for a quick game. Once golf balls were returned to their rightful owners, it seemed a good time to turn around and head back along the beach to The Pier House where we rewarded ourselves with a hearty lunch a mug of coffee. Batteries were now fully recharged!


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