Shine, for Foster Carer Training!

We’re introducing a new way for our foster carers to manage their foster carer training!

What is SHINE?

Shine is an award-winning platform used by other organisations including Sainsbury’s, Boots and other big top brand names, that enables us to offer a truly blended learning experience to you. It provides you, and all carers in the National Fostering Group, an experience which opens up a wealth of learning opportunities accessible in one place, 24/7.

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You can find out more about Shine in the video below:


What are the benefits to our foster carers using SHINE?

  • Shine provides our carers with a personalised training journey where they can proactively manage their development and keep on top of training compliance.
  • Supervising Social Workers will help foster carers manage their training record, and suggest courses for their personal development, to meet children’s unique needs, and remain compliant.
  • Foster Carers can search and filter 100s of courses by topic, category or time taken.
  • Shine is fully mobile, enabling our foster carers to access training anytime, anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Every course completed will automatically be added to our foster carers personal record.
  • Course can be added and qualifications completed outside of time with the National Fostering Group in a few easy steps.

Will I book all my training through Shine?

Whether it’s an e-learning course, virtual classroom or face to face training, you will book everything through Shine. Learn more about how we invest in the training of our foster carers and why, or get in touch for a chat with your local team.

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