Worcestershire Foster Carers look after 25 children in their 20 years of Fostering

Julie and John have been named the ‘Amazing foster duo’ for looking after 25 children in their 20 years of being foster carers. They started fostering when Julie nearly died after suffering seven miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

Currently fostering three young people, both Julie and John say that fostering is ‘the best job on the planet’ and they are driven by their desire to give something back, offering a loving home in which children can feel safe, supported and go on to achieve.

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At age 36, Julie became pregnant with a baby girl, soon followed by twin boys! Julie said she is always asked on how fostering may affect her birth children, but explains how overwhelmingly positive it is and love having an extended family, also making them aware of how people can have very different starts in life.

They explain how foster care has exceeded their expectations and that it is so fulfilling knowing that you are giving back to vulnerable young people that may not have otherwise had the chance to thrive, grow and flourish into lovely young adults.

You can read the full article on the Worcestershire News here.

They were also featured in the Worcester News and on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester.

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