The Outcomes Team

Help me get a good education (achieve and enjoy)

Group Education and SEND Lead – Emma Farr

The Education and SEND Lead are here to support with any education enquiry, big or small, from a simple question which needs answering, to playing an active role in a case where a foster parent or supervising social worker has not been able to get a suitable or appropriate educational outcome for their child or young person. This service can help with advice on what to do next or should it be required take an active role which could include any escalation on behalf of the agency, foster parent, child or young person. This work is always sensitively undertaken with the needs of the child and young person, and a sense of what the desired outcome should be at the heart of the support delivered.

For more information please contact Emma at [email protected]


Support my future

Group Careers and Employability Lead – Kelly Spence

The Careers and Employability Lead can support with any careers, employability or employment enquiry, with the purpose of boosting the future chances of our young people. This service can provide high-level support to foster carers and supervising social workers in trying to find appropriate further opportunities for our young people. They can also provide 1:1 careers advice and guidance where necessary.

For more information please contact Kelly at [email protected]

Support my next adventure

Group Adventures and Activities Lead – Chloe Moul

The Group Adventures and Activities lead is responsible for two key partnerships we have which are the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) and British Exploring Society. This lead delivers the opportunity for our young people to complete a DofE Award at the three levels of Bronze, Silver or Gold, or to join an expedition adventure with British Exploring Society. These opportunities allow young people to acquire essential personal skills, and connect them with their communities and the great outdoors in a developmental and positive manner. These activities support and boost other areas of ‘Help me get a good education’ and ‘Support my future’.

For more information please speak with your National Fostering Group Supervising Social Worker.