Why foster?

Our foster carers and their families tell us how fostering has changed their lives and the lives of the young people in their care.

Find out here why “Fostering is the best thing I have ever done in my life”.

Graham, NFA Fostering Family carer

Starting your fostering adventure 

Helping a child to find their own way in the world and to grow up within a safe and nurturing environment is one of the most enriching and rewarding decisions you will ever make in your life.

While you will receive a generous allowance each week to pay for everything a child needs to be happy and healthy, our current foster carers see looking after a vulnerable young person as much more than simply a job.

Fostering gives you the priceless opportunity of being able to shape a child’s life. Their lifestyle, interests, personality, language, culture and unforgettable moments can all be influenced by your upbringing; giving them all the opportunities they need to improve their lives for the better.

Experience the joy of improving the lives of children and young people

We are always there for our current foster carers, supporting them every day by ensuring they are given everything they need to ensure that children and young people are able to significantly benefit from their care.

There are many different types of fostering that you can choose, and we will help you make the choice of which one is right for you, your family including your birth children, and the child or children you will be looking after; children, teenagers, siblings and children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

“It’s brilliant, the house is never quiet or boring and there’s always something going on. The foster kids are great. Everyone just comes together to work as a unit and the days seem to go by so easily.”

Harvey, birth child part of the NFA Group foster family

There are many enjoyably unique aspects of looking after children of varying ages and distinct personalities.

The same moments of pride and elation exist as if you were caring for any child in terms of being able to watch them personally develop, with the added benefit that you can influence a vulnerable child and watch them as they overcome aspects of life they may have previously found challenging.

Being able to rely upon and look up to positive adult role models such as yourself means that a child can experience affection, warmth and memorable family experiences that will set them on the right path to achieve their full potential.

What can I offer a child as a foster carer?

The answer to this is surprisingly straightforward, as you have already been preparing for a life as a foster carer without even realising it!

Whether you have raised children yourself or will be new to caring for a child or teenager, your wealth of life experience and knowledge of what it takes to either raise children or be a child growing up within a caring and supportive household is hugely advantageous.

Many of the children in our care are simply looking for a home where a sense of family togetherness and encouragement to succeed is at the forefront of daily life. Drawing on your own experiences of how your parents or guardians raised you will make the ideal reference point for you to start your fostering adventure together.

If you consider yourself as someone who is patient, understanding and readily able to attend to the specific needs of the children in your care, then you are already on the right path towards becoming a great foster carer.

Do you think you can change a child’s life by becoming a foster parent? Read more about the process and the foster carer requirements here.

Transferrable skills

Our carers come from all walks of life, which is a significant advantage when we look for the the right foster carers to care for an equally diverse range of children and young people that are looking for a nurturing home life.

You don’t have to have had your own children or even worked with kids to enquire about becoming a foster carer with the NFA Group. Your individual skills, talents and life experience means that there will always be children that can benefit greatly from your care.

Previous first-hand experience and insight into caring for a child, or knowing how best to respond to a child’s health and emotional needs is naturally beneficial when deciding to become a foster carer.

There are a wide range of professional fields that you may have worked in which have transferrable skills when it comes to being a foster carer.

Even if your personal or career experience hasn’t been covered in the above list, it is likely that there will be something that you can draw upon when becoming a foster carer.

Have you looked after someone else’s children in the past, even if only for a short-time? Do people often comment that you are good with young people and they respond well to you?

If so, then we will equip you on your journey to becoming a brilliant foster carer through our renowned training courses that will provide you with all the information, knowledge and skills you will need to support a child in your care.

Build your foster care knowledge with us

By fostering with the NFA Group, you will also benefit from ongoing professional development as a foster carer so that you can be the best version of yourself for the child in your care.

Our personable, engaging and in-depth training and support services are available to you locally, so that you can factor in any meetings and training days around your schedule.

This in turn provides you with the self-assurance and know-how to face your fostering adventure with the backing of a nationally recognised fostering family support team on hand should you need us.

The benefits of training with us include:

  • Local training centres located across the UK – so that you won’t have to travel long distances to access the information and insight you need to best care for a child
  • Trainers with personal experience of fostering – learn from those who have first-hand experience of fostering
  • Meet with and share stories with other carers – our training courses are a great way to check in with carers who, like you, are at the start of their adventure, as well as the opportunity to hear from existing carers
  • Training courses for everyone – While you will begin your fostering adventure with our Skills to Foster training, where you will find out more about what foster carers do and how to care for children with interactive and engaging sessions, there are various courses that you can take throughout your time as a foster carers. These courses allow to receive more specialist training in areas such as caring for children with more challenging behaviours or are on the autism spectrum for example.

“The questions that I was asked in my panel interview I already knew the answers to because of the Skills to Foster training”.

Jane, NFA Fostering Family carer

Become an advocate for your child’s health, wellbeing and education

Our current foster carers are passionate in their desire to provide vulnerable children and young people across the UK with everything they need to succeed.

This involves giving a child a safe and stable home from which they are able to live out a happy and healthy lifestyle, as well as achieve all that they can from their education.

As a foster carer with us and primary caregiver for a child, you will care for children safe in the knowledge that our dedicated local teams are behind you all the way in helping you build incredible futures for young people in our care.

They will talk through with you and identify areas for personal development as a foster carer, as well as arranging for any additional support services you require.

Other foster carers that are part of the NFA Fostering Family in your area will be there to help you out too, with events and support groups giving you the opportunity to meet other foster carers; sharing stories and offering advice as part of a tight-knit fostering community.

When combining your own life experience with our nationally recognised fostering training and support, you will feel empowered to make the decisions required to ensure that the child or children in your care can grow up to become well-rounded adults within their respective communities.

“Day-to-day, one of my major roles involves safeguarding and making sure all the children in our care are safe. We oversee all the reviews for the foster carers, and make sure they are up to date with their training, safety care and risk assessments. In terms of supervision with our carers, we make decisions about what’s currently happening, and make plans for the future”.

Maxine Clarry, Team Manager, NFA Group

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