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Quality and Impact Report

January – December 2023

The positive impact of scale and support on opportunities and outcomes.

It is one of the highlights of my year, to see the first draft of our Quality & Impact Report. In nearly five years leading this organisation, this is the most positive I have read. The achievements of our children and young people have been outstanding.

This has been recognised by Ofsted, as well as the Care Inspectorates in Scotland and Wales, and also by our most important stakeholders, our amazing foster carers.

As the largest fostering group in the country, our scale allows us to give outstanding support to our foster carers, which allows them to create amazing outcomes for the precious children who are entrusted to our care. This has been recognised through the feedback we have received from our foster carers, but also in the amazing educational achievements of our young people.

Our scale also allows us to invest in amazing opportunities for our young people, which shape their future. I was thrilled to meet with Hakim last year (see page 10) when he was presented with the Les Morgan Young Explorer of the Year award. Hakim is clearly a young man who has had a difficult start in life and is now determined to grab every opportunity that is presented to him. He’s growing into a terrific adult who will be a great example for all.

I was also delighted to get a text whilst I was on annual leave, from our amazing foster carer Barry. He had just picked up one of his foster girls from the station following an expedition. He described her as being “a foot taller, looks me straight in the eye, and the world is her oyster”. These opportunities are life changing for our young people.

Finally, a word of thanks to my 900 colleagues, who I know will enjoy reading this report. They all join our organisation because they want to help children and young people, and they get up in the morning every day to make sure we do that.

I hope you enjoy reading the 2023 Quality & Impact Report. If you have any feedback, please call me or one of my team at any time.

Steve Christie

Chief Executive Officer

It’s important to us that we share with you, the outcomes of our children and young people. Our Impact Report is a breakdown of our outcomes achieved in 2023.
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