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Transfer to National Fostering Group

Join our family – transfer to National Fostering Group and revitalise your love for what you do, with a level of support from a local team who cares just as much as you do.

Transfer with confidence to the National Fostering Group

Join our community to transform young lives

Help us build incredible futures

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh challenge, or you’re keen to make the most of your skills. Perhaps you’d like the opportunity to do types of fostering you haven’t done before or be paid more generously for your expertise. As you’re already an experienced foster carer, you certainly understand the importance and impact of high quality foster care to children and young people in need.

We understand too; with more than two decades of experience, our agencies are highly regarded by the Care Inspectorate for Scotland, the Care Inspectorate Wales, and Ofsted – for example, in England, most of our local fostering agencies have been rated as GOOD by Ofsted, with almost a quarter rated as OUTSTANDING.

Benefits of your transfer to National Fostering Group

Our commitment to a high level of support enables our carers to provide first-rate fostering that has positive outcomes for the child. When you transfer to National Fostering Group, you get:

Our goal is to build incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people in the UK by empowering them to be happy and make their way in the world.

We achieve this by investing in our foster carers, so you can give children and young people a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where they can thrive and be happy.

Moving over to National Fostering Group was the best thing I have ever done. Immediately we felt like part of the family and our social worker is second to none.

Carol, foster carer

Great agency coverage and support

We’re a national company with offices – our agencies – in all regions of the UK. Our local teams are the backbone of our effective foster care services – friendly and caring care professionals who support our foster carers from initial enquiry through to carer approval, training and the children you care for. When you transfer to us, you become part of this team. You will also be invited to get involved with other carers locally and, often, buddy up for extra support.

Excellent free training, including specialisms

We encourage you to further your career as a foster carer through training. Our training courses are available to all our foster carers. They’re completely free, high-quality and flexible. Created and delivered by fostering professionals, they give you valuable skills to help you grow in confidence and knowledge. Plus, they fit around your lifestyle – they are delivered at a venue local to you or online.

Fair pay, plus unique perks and benefits

You shouldn’t have to worry about financial security – we want you to be able to focus wholeheartedly on your role as foster parent. So we offer a  generous fostering allowance – the average is around £22,000 per annum, tax free, and bridging retainer payments. You also immediately qualify for a host of perks and benefits including specialist home insurance, and high street and leisure discounts.

Mockingbird therapeutic care framework

The Mockingbird Family Model helps our foster carers support a child or young person in their care. Our Heath Farm and NFA London fostering agencies (currently covering London, Essex and Kent) are our flagship Mockingbird facilities. It is a unique fostering wraparound service. It places an experienced carer in a position to support up to ten satellite fostering families and carers.

We get regular supervision with our social worker and we know we can always phone the office and there is always someone there who can give you some guidance or some support.

Tina, foster carer

Your right to transfer

If you’re a foster carer, you have the right to transfer from another foster agency or transfer from a local authority to National Fostering Group. The process is fairly straightforward, and you can still do it if you are currently fostering a child.

How to transfer to National Fostering Group

It’s straightforward to transfer from your current fostering agency or local authority provider. The process might vary slightly between providers. We’ll make the process as easy as possible.

How to transfer your fostering agency

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