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Transferring to National Fostering Group

We believe in providing support that allows our carers to focus on their foster child’s wellbeing and encourage them to make their own way in the world. Transferring to National Fostering as an experienced foster carer is straightforward, allowing you to transfer from your current fostering agency or local authority provider, and brings numerous benefits. From the outset, we’re on hand to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

The benefits when you transfer to National Fostering Group

Access to educational support for your birth and foster children
We provide all our carers and their children with access to Britannica – an online education tool.

Opportunity for your birth and foster children to complete the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme
Encourage your foster child to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and develop the skills to become a more rounded individual.

Opportunity for the children you look after to take part in Young Explorers expeditions
Send your foster child to Young Explorers where they’ll be nurtured to flourish and develop further from a young age.

Regular activities for your children and the children you look after
Activities outside the home and away from school are vital for providing the children you look after with a rich and fulfilling childhood. That’s why we schedule regular activities for your birth and foster children.

Face-to-face and online training courses to develop your skills at times to suit you, including therapeutic parenting courses
Develop your fostering knowledge and skills at any of our scheduled events, which take place up and down the country. See our Events Page to find out when our regular online and face-to-face training courses are available at a time and place that suits you best.

Join our community by transferring to National Fostering Group today 

Bespoke transferring assessment

To make the transition even easier for you, we have created a bespoke transferring carer assessment that replaces the Form F. Now, you don’t have to redo your Form F when you want to transfer to National Fostering Group. Instead, we will go off your current experience, skills, training and knowledge to identify what parts of the assessment would benefit you the most.

We’re with you all the way

At National Fostering Group, we take care of you. We’re with you all the way through your fostering journey, and to assist you, we provide carer benefits that add true value.

  • Great local agency coverage for support and training
  • Excellent free training, including specialisms
  • Supportive local teams, buddy systems and peer networks
  • Fair pay
  • Mockingbird therapeutic care framework for extra support

That’s not all. We offer more support too in the form of free in-depth training as well as 24/7 support, 365 days a year. Every one of our agencies now has a clinical therapist – giving you the support needed, when needed.

I transferred to National Fostering Group and the process could not have been easier. It was much quicker compared to the first time around and I only had to take part in training I had not done for a while. My experience was taken into account and overall, I would recommend National Fostering Group if you are looking to transfer, without the long-winded assessment.

Lisa, Foster Carer

Every one of our agencies now has a clinical therapist – giving you the support you need, whenever you need it.

Talk to us about transferring

If you have any more questions about transferring from another foster agency, we recommend getting in touch to talk it over with complete confidentiality. We have teams in every region, so you will be able to chat with a fostering professional who is local to you. They will be able to share their experience and give you all the information you need to make a decision.

Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer to National Fostering Group when I have foster children living with me?

We’re aware that you may feel transferring could be a tricky process. However, it’s actually pretty straightforward, even if you have foster children living with you. In fact, your foster child can move with you. If this is the case and you want to transfer fostering agencies, then you can read more about the process of transferring with a foster child here. It’s just as straightforward, and if you have any questions, our team are with you every step of the way to answer them.

How do I transfer from another fostering agency?

Transferring from another fostering agency is easy and straightforward. Simply follow the steps above, and if you have any questions along the way, our experienced team is with you at every step to answer them.

Can foster carers change agency?

The good news is that foster carers can change agencies, and it’s even simpler than if you were applying to an agency for the first time. All you need to do is follow our guidance above, and any questions you may have, we’re on hand to answer them.

Foster Care Myths, Busted!

All that you need is a spare bedroom and the commitment to making a positive difference in a child’s life.
An accelerated assessment process for transferring carers
Find out if you could be a foster carer
Find out if you could be a foster carer
In a few simple questions, you’ll know if you’re suitable to apply to become a foster carer.