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National Fostering Group is made up of agencies (or teams) across all regions of the UK, who support the largest population of foster carers. Our success is partly due to the exceptional relationships our local agency teams forge with our foster carers. They will be by your side throughout your fostering experience, from application onwards.

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Fostering agencies across the UK

Well-established for more than 20 years, National Fostering Group has decades of experience in providing life-changing fostering services for vulnerable children and young people. And we change the lives of foster carers too – we’re committed to empowering our front line team so they can be the best carers possible, through support and training, fair remuneration, and great perks and benefits.

What is an independent fostering agency?

Independent foster care agencies support the work of local authorities (councils) in finding homes for vulnerable children and young people.

All independent fostering agencies in England – there are currently around 190 – are registered with Ofsted and are subject to stringent regulatory inspections. Similar systems operate in Scotland and Wales.

Historically, all foster carers were recruited by local authorities. However, growing demand meant this approach hasn’t been sufficient and independent fostering has developed in response to the needs and numbers of foster children.

Local authorities continue to be legally responsible for children in the care system (known as “looked after children”). Independent fostering agencies like those within National Fostering Group work closely with them to find foster families for children that councils haven’t been able to find homes for – homes where they can thrive.

By applying to join an agency like National Fostering Group, you’ll be helping to care for some of our most vulnerable children and young people – including older children, those with special needs, and children who require greater levels of support.

We look for special types of foster carers to care for often complex or challenging children. In return, we provide generous remuneration, high quality training and extensive supervision and support for the whole family.

Is an independent fostering the same as private fostering?

Private fostering is not the same as fostering with an independent agency. Private fostering is an informal arrangement for a child to live with someone who is not a parent (or a friend, relative or person who’s connected to them) for a period of 28 days or longer.

All types of fostering offer a rewarding and challenging career for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people. This includes single people, single sex couples and working people too.

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