Fostering in Kent

Children need fostering in Kent, across many of the region’s towns and cities. If you’re new to fostering or already experienced, can you help? We offer training, 24/7 support and an active network of peer support groups.

Fostering in Kent

If you’re thinking about becoming a foster carer in Kent, we are a leading fostering agency with more than 20 years of experience, and we’ll support you all the way.

National Fostering Group is the largest independent fostering agency in the UK with superb agency coverage across all regions – meaning you have the support of a team close to you.

One of the most established fostering agencies in Kent, we work with local authorities to place children and young people in homes where they can thrive.

As a foster carer for the National Fostering Group, you get unparalleled access to professional support and excellent free training in and around Kent. We want you to thrive too, being the best you can be in your role as foster carer.

On top of this, our Kent foster carers have a large and active peer network that includes several local support groups.

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Since we started our foster career with Heath Farm (part of National Fostering Group), we have had nothing but support throughout. Even four years into fostering, we still receive a lot of support.

We have done a lot of training courses which have really helped us and we still continue to do the courses. Everyone at Heath Farm is very approachable and gives advice in their own way. We can’t wait to continue to work with them for many years to come.

Jennifer, foster carer, Kent

Fostering statistics in the South East

Around 7,230 children live with a foster family in the South East. There are approximately 45,370 fostering households and 76,640 foster carers in England.

Sources: Department for Education, Ofsted

Fostering agencies in Kent

When I first came here, it was different and my carers were different to what I had known. But from the moment I met them, I kind of knew this is where I would want to stay.

James, foster child

UK fostering

Our foster carers come from all walks of life. With training, support and a generous fostering allowance, they provide homes where children can thrive and experience the childhood they deserve.

More than 8,000 new foster carers are needed UK-wide to provide homes for children in need of a foster family. If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer, now’s the time.

Source: The Fostering Network

Fostering in Kent and the South East

Many children in Kent are waiting to be fostered; this amounts to hundreds across the South East and in London. National Fostering Group has local offices across the South East, also incorporating Essex and London, and including Uxbridge, Whitstable, Lowestoft, Waltham Abbey, Basildon and Croydon.

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