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Why become a foster carer?

Our carers tell us fostering has changed their lives and the lives of the young people in their care. Find out why people like Graham, a National Fostering Group carer, says “fostering is the best thing I have ever done in my life”.

Why is fostering so important?

Helping a child grow up within a safe and nurturing environment is one of the most enriching and rewarding decisions you will ever make.

Becoming a foster parent gives you the priceless opportunity of being able to shape a child’s life. Their lifestyle, interests, personality, language, culture and unforgettable moments can all be influenced by your upbringing; giving them all the opportunities they need to improve their lives for the better.

Geoff, Stephen and Aiden on why fostering matters

Geoff and Stephen have have been foster parents to Aiden since he was nine years old. This is a beautiful story of how they gained his trust and, as Aiden says: “Family is important. It’s the place where you stay with people you love the most”. Their fostering story is inspirational, which began with more than its fair share of twists and disappointments, so we made a film about it too.



Everyone knows it feels good to have the rest of the team say “well done, you are doing a good job” but when you are working 24-7 it kind of feels like “yeah yeah”. But 2 weeks ago, I was sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea, reading the paper, when my young man came up to me said “I love you, Janet”, planted a kiss on my cheek, gave me a hug and went back outside to play.

GOBSMACKED… less than 6 months ago this same young man would jump and say "get off" if I tried to hold his hand to cross the road. I still have a long way to go but I now know all that training we’ve attended has paid off.

Janet, National Fostering Group foster carer

Why foster? – A role to be proud of

The same moments of pride and elation exist as if you were caring for any child in terms of being able to watch them personally develop, with the added benefit that you can influence a vulnerable child and watch them as they overcome aspects of life they may have previously found challenging.

Being able to rely upon and look up to positive adult role models like you means that a child can experience affection, warmth and memorable family experiences that will set them on the right path to achieve their full potential.

It’s brilliant, the house is never quiet or boring and there’s always something going on. The foster kids are great. Everyone just comes together to work as a unit and the days seem to go by so easily.

Harvey, birth child of National Fostering Group foster parents

Experience satisfaction through fostering

Our carers tell us they like the first class support and training opportunities. Feeling valued and getting support gives them satisfaction and makes them feel part of something bigger.

We support our foster carers by ensuring they have everything they need so the children and young people are able to significantly benefit from their care. This includes regular, structured and emergency contact with dedicated case workers and other professionals.

By becoming a foster parent with the National Fostering Group, you will also benefit from ongoing professional development so that you can be the best version of yourself for the child in your care. Our personable, engaging and in-depth training and support services are available to you wherever you live, meaning you can factor in any meetings and training days around your schedule.

When combining your own life experience with our nationally recognised fostering training and support, you will feel empowered to make the decisions required to ensure that the child or children in your care can grow up to become well-rounded adults within their respective communities.

Our carers also like variety and challenge and knowing they make a real difference. You will receive a generous allowance for everything a child needs to be happy and healthy; but our current foster carers see looking after a vulnerable young person as a much more rewarding reason to become a foster carer.

I wish someone had told us how inspiring, rewarding and fulfilling fostering actually is. It’s been the most wonderful journey that we hold very close to our heart and we’re already looking for more opportunities to help and support young people through difficult times.

Sarah & Louise, National Fostering Group foster parents
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