Fostering in Uxbridge

Foster children and young people need foster carers in Uxbridge and throughout west London. Become a foster carer with us and receive first class training, 24/7 support, peer support and a buddy scheme.

If you’re considering becoming a foster carer in Uxbridge, choose a fostering agency with local teams who will be with you every step.

National Fostering Group is the largest independent fostering agency in the UK, with superb agency coverage across all regions, including west London – meaning you have the support of a team close to you.

We are the leading fostering agency in your area, working with your local authority to place children and young people in homes where they can thrive.

As a foster carer for the National Fostering Group, you’ll have unparalleled access to professional support and excellent free training in your local area. We want you to thrive too, being the best you can be in your role as foster carer.

In addition, as a foster carer with the leading fostering agencies in the UK, you’ll have access to a large and active peer network that includes several local support groups.

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Fostering for us has been the most rewarding thing that we have done apart from having our own children. We have fostered all ages and have moved children onto adoption and also provided support to families when children have returned home.

The rewards of what we do are huge and it enables us to work with a caring range of professionals in order to provide loving forever homes for children. Working for National Fostering group provides us with 24/7 support and an extensive training to enable us to provide the best care.

Jayne & Ken, foster carers, Uxbridge

National fostering statistics

Our foster carers come from all walks of life. With training, support and a generous fostering allowance, they provide homes where children can thrive and experience the childhood they deserve.

More than 8,000 new foster carers are needed UK-wide to provide homes for children in need of a foster family. If you’re thinking of becoming a foster carer, now’s the time.

Sources: Department for Education, Ofsted

Fostering agencies in Uxbridge

  • Established for more than two decades, National Fostering Group has teams (agencies) across the UK
  • Our fostering agencies in the west London area have been rated as OUTSTANDING by Ofsted
  • Our foster carers in Uxbridge have access to several foster parent support groups
  • NFA London and South East also run a fostering model called Mockingbird to provide additional specialist support
  • Your local teams in the Uxbridge area support you 24/7
  • You will receive a generous fostering allowance for a child in your care
  • People from all walks of life are suitable to become a foster parent
  • Many types of fostering are available in Uxbridge and the surrounding area, including emergency and long-term placements
  • You’ll get excellent free training on different aspects of fostering at a local venue


Our supervising social worker is paramount to this role and we work to build a good working relationship with her. She is available to us at all times to provide support and advice. Our experience of fostering has been so good that family members have also been approved to foster by National Fostering Group and one of our sons is considering it.

Jayne & Ken, foster carers, Uxbridge

Fostering statistics

Around 7,180 children live with foster families in the Greater London area – 3,090 in Inner London and 4,090 in Outer London. There are approximately 45,370 fostering households and 76,640 foster carers in England.

Sources: Department for Education, Ofsted

Fostering in Uxbridge and west London

Hundreds of children are currently fostered or waiting to find foster parents in and around your area. National Fostering Group has local offices across west London. This includes Slough, Hayes, Ruislip, Wembley and Harrow.

Start your fostering journey with National Fostering Group

  • We have fostering agencies all across the UK
  • Over 3,000 carers already part of our family
  • Benefit from our local support groups and social workers