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Foster Care Fortnight 2020

Foster Care Fortnight 2020!

Foster Care Fortnight is a campaign delivered each year by The Fostering Network, to raise awareness of fostering and how positively impactful it can be on a child or young person’s life.  It also gives everyone in the fostering community to celebrate the big differences that can be made through fostering!

In the UK alone there is a need for 8,600 more foster families to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people in the UK.

Small things make a big difference

#FCF2020 has a theme of #ThisIsFostering and we want to support The Fostering Network’s campaign by sharing moments in our foster family’s lives that are small to me and you but have made a big difference to child or young person in their care.

Take your first step in making a big difference

This Foster Care Fortnight our fantastic teams are on hand to offer their expert advice, and answer any questions you may have about taking the first step in your fostering journey.

Whether you have questions about financial support, the application process or the simple questions about whether you can even be considered to foster, the friendly team at The National Fostering Group are here to help!

If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer this Foster Care Fortnight and want to make that big difference we make each day to the lives of children and young people

Find out if you could be a foster carer
Find out if you could be a foster carer
In a few simple questions, you’ll know if you’re suitable to apply to become a foster carer.