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Fostering Solutions Wales covers a large geographical area, however despite this, staff get to know every foster carer and the children they look after and this is something the foster carers appreciate and value. Many of the foster carers have been with Fostering Solutions Wales for a long time – some for over 18 years. Even foster carers who are no longer with the agency continue to recommend prospective foster carers to us, reflecting the strong relationships built between the agency and its carers.

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Local agency, national resources

Fostering Solutions Wales benefits from being a local agency that is familiar with the different culture, language and systems operating in Wales, as well as being part of a large national group. This gives it a strong local presence, backed by a wide range of resources, such as training and therapeutic support.

We are well known for being an agency who support the whole fostering family. We pride ourselves on being a local agency with a good understanding of Welsh cultural needs and even though we are part of a bigger organisation, we provide a service at a local level. Our staff get to know the fostering families they work in partnership with and support them every step of their fostering journey. The team provide high levels of support to achieve better outcomes for children and young people. We work in partnership with local authorities to offer choice with the type of services required.

Julie Grant, Registered Manager

Our last inspection report commented “Children, young people and foster carers receive a good service from this agency which is committed to quality assurance and constant improvement. The agency knows the children and young people well and there is regular contact with foster carers who spoke highly about the support they received saying staff were excellent and ‘there is always someone at the end of the phone if needed

OFSTED report

We have informative guides for children and young people aged between 5 - 10 and 11 - 18 you may find interesting.


The agency is proud of the support it offers to foster carers and children. Supervising social workers hold regular support groups in their area and foster carers also have their own informal support groups. Foster children and birth children are encouraged to mix at combined support groups and new foster carers are buddied with more experienced carers who can provide advice and guidance. Everyone is invited to join activities, events and celebrations and there is a positive network of fostering friends.

Out of hours

Out of hours, supervising social workers are on hand to provide support, which means that foster carers can speak to someone who knows them rather than having to talk to a stranger. The registered manager also makes herself available for out of hours support and queries – “I never turn my phone off” she explains.


All foster carers are now being offered training in therapeutic parenting, alongside a range of other specialist training designed to equip carers with the skills they need to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Holistic care

The team’s approach is a holistic one. It believes in caring for its fostering families as a whole, rather than focusing solely on foster children. By supporting the extended family, the agency believes it can provide a solid base for foster children to thrive in. This same attitude extends throughout the staff team. If a colleague needs additional help or support, other members of the team collaborate to provide it. Throughout the pandemic, the entire team went above and beyond to provide support for foster carers, for children and for each other.

Foster Carer Forums

Fostering Solutions in Wales hold quarterly foster carer forums where foster carers can share ideas and evaluate how they wish the service to be delivered.  The wishes and feelings of fostering families are very important to us and we strive to create openness and transparency which encourages sharing of new ideas and reviewing what already exists.  All fostering families have access to the Fostering Network which offers independent advice, information and support to foster carers and their families.

Foster Carer Support Groups

At Fostering Solutions we hold foster carer support groups across the region and everyone is welcomed at all venues.  We often link the meetings to Breakfast Clubs, and Afternoon Tea events and we invite guest speakers and present information forums.

Training and Support

  • Fostering Solutions provides comprehensive training and development opportunities designed to meet individual fostering family needs.
  • Supervising social workers are in regular contact and attend all key meetings to support fostering families.
  • There is a clinical team to assist foster carers, whenever necessary, and there is a designated Clinical Psychologist assigned to support our foster families and all children within their household.
  • We provide a dedicated out of hours service providing around the clock advice and support 365 days a year.
  • Because of the agency’s size, the team knows all its foster carers well and can step in to provide practical hands-on support as and when required.
  • Foster Carers benefits include discount cards, special offers at cinemas, Shows, Musicals, Retail Discounts, Activity and Leisure offers so all the family can enjoy discounted prices and days out.
  • Fostering Solutions provides “buddies” for all potential carers, to ensure that those in assessment feel supported.

All fostering families have access to the Fostering Network for independent advice and support, the service is open to all foster carers and their families.

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