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The National Fostering Group are hoping to follow in the footsteps of Westlife, Spice Girls and Band Aid by storming the official UK Singles Chart this Christmas in pursuit of the coveted Christmas Number One spot.

Continuing a campaign to raise awareness of the pressing need for an additional 8000 foster families to care for vulnerable children and young people across the UK, the NFA Group, the largest independent provider of high-quality foster care are aiming to get 8000 voices in total on record with re-worked versions of their original song ‘The Light and The Calm’.

The original song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios after collaborating with more than 200 foster carers, birth and looked-after children throughout the creation and production of the track.

Expertly capturing the moving sentiments our foster children harbour for the positive impact foster carers have had on their lives, the song was originally recorded and filmed with an ensemble of more than 40 children and foster carers as part of our support for The Fostering Network’s annual Foster Care Fortnight.

Streaming and Downloading ‘The Light and The Calm’

Our song is on all major digital platforms, so whether you prefer to stream your music with Spotify, or purchase your music and download it via Apple Music, all the links you need are here. Just click the link and you’ll be taken directly to the track on each platform.

Stream The Light and The Calm on Spotify

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Download The Light and The Calm on Apple Music

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Download The Light and The Calm on Amazon Music

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Stream The Light and The Calm on Deezer

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the making of ‘The Light and The Calm’.

Recording Vocals

Lewis Jones at Abbey Road Studios

Mixing and Mastering

Sheldon Jolly at Redwall Studios


Jane, Aaron, Adele, Nicky, Lydia, Andrew, Shaun, Richard, Philip, Martin, Duncan, Faith, Ruby, Anne, Louie, Keelan, Stacey, Alicia, Edward, Bradley, Deby, Emily, Rachel, Charlie, McKenzie, Charlie, Rosie, Marion, Cora, Zazie, Edie, Steve, Selome, Helina, Elaine, Rhianna, Erin, Chris, Alison, Aarron, Danielle, Sue, Chloe, Heidi, Alwyn, Elisa, Leyla. 


Our inspirational foster carers and young people

Song Writer

Dan Rowles

Other contributions and thank you’s



Wouldham All Saints School, We Can Sing UK, Soul Symphony, Royal Surrey Choir


Elena Maynard


Tom Doughty at Never Ever Media

Jake Hellier

Mixing and Mastering – TJ Costis

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