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NFA North covers a large area and recently doubled its foster carer number when the agency merged with Fostering Solutions. Despite its size, the agency is keen to retain a personal touch. Its Carer Recruitment Officer, Rachel, works with foster carers from the very beginning of their involvement with NFA North, keeping in regular contact with families throughout the application process.

Office Details

Could you be the one to give a loving foster home to one of Lincolnshire’s and Yorkshire and the Humber’s 1,500 children in need? With the support of our fostering community, which Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, it’s easier than you may think to get started with fostering.

Elant House, Lowfields Business Park
Unit A3, Old Power Way
West Yorkshire

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01422 417788

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[email protected]

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  • Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
  • Sat & Sun Closed
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Personal welcome

Once foster carers are approved, they are invited for a meal with Rachel, the registered manager, their supervising social worker and their buddy, all of whom welcome them personally to the agency. Their buddy also accompanies them to their local support group or to regional events. Each month the agency nominates a foster carer to be an Everyday Hero and it is Rachel who presents their award. NFA North believes that “every agency needs a Rachel!”

Our pipeline for would-be foster carers is one of best across the whole of the group and we’re really proud of that. Hardly anyone drops out in these early stages. Rachel, our Carer Recruitment Officer makes contact with people when they first apply and then they have her number and can phone or text her if they have any questions. There’s a really personal feel to the whole process. She always responds promptly and keeps in touch with people from start to finish.

Andrea Grantham, Registered Manager


NFA North holds events across its region for foster carers and children. There are also quarterly foster carer forums, with opportunities to meet the registered manager and Responsible Individual face to face and ask questions, as well as local support groups.

OFSTED report

Download our reports
We have informative guides for children and young people aged between 5 - 10 and 11 - 18 you may find interesting.

Support and resources

Foster carers benefit from the support and resources of being with a medium-sized agency that is part of a larger group. This includes 24/7 support from social workers and managers, and a range of carer perks and benefits. Managers in the agency have an open door policy and foster carers are encouraged to ring or email if they have an issues. Wherever possible, the team aims to resolve any problems before they can escalate.

Celebrating achievement

An active support worker team organises a busy programme of activities, including Halloween and Christmas parties as well as days out. Recently these included a creative writing competition and the team makes Achievement of the Month Awards to children in three different age groups. These celebrate both personal and academic achievements, however small.


The agency is proud of the fact that when it merged with Fostering Solutions, it succeeded in retaining all 80 of its foster carers. This was achieved through open, honest communication and personal discussions with the registered manager and team managers. Understandably there was some concerns but staff went out of their way to address these and to offer reassurance.

Matching children with foster carers

The agency aims to create positive, long-term placements and is careful to match the right children with the right foster carers. It always tries to keep siblings together although sometimes this may require some creative thinking. If it is impossible to keep large sibling groups together, for example, it aims to place them with fostering households that are near to each other or related.

Group benefits

NFA North values being part of the National Fostering Group as it means a broader range of benefits for foster carers and staff. Without being part of the group, it would not be able to offer the same level of therapeutic support and educational packages as well as the many carer perks and benefits. It aims to take a proactive role within the group and is currently developing a specialist support package that it hopes to be able to refine and roll out to other agencies in the near future.

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