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4 Mummy Blogs to Follow

Monday 29 February 2016

4 Mummy Blogs to Follow


For bloggers and readers alike, a mummy blog is a fantastic way of connecting with other parents and can be a particularly invaluable source of experiences, tips and inspiration for mothers.

Mummy blogs are not just about tips for potty training or advice on getting babies to sleep through the night though. They often deal with all aspects of family life and parenting. They can therefore offer fresh, engaging content and be a useful source of foster caring advice for anyone considering fostering a child and becoming a foster carer.

Our list below gives details of some of the UK’s best mummy blogs and top parenting blogs to inspire, inform and help you rejoice in one of life’s most challenging and unpredictable, but also most rewarding journeys – raising children:

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Sally Whittle launched her blog Who’s the Mummy? in 2009 to help document her “chaotic family life” with 10 year old daughter, Flea (not her real name). Her blog has now gone on to be ranked as the UK’s number 1 Mummy blog for 4 years running!

Being adopted herself at a very young age, Sally shares her touching reflections on bringing up her daughter as a busy single parent. Her blog has become a lot more than just a glossy lifestyle blog, with a bit of parenting thrown in. With articles such as “When you can’t kiss it better”, “The best laid plans” and “Are you ready for boys?”, it’s an informative and inspiring read.

Sally is also the founder of Tots 100, a directory of over 8,000 brilliant parenting blogs, which are beaming with inspiration and advice. Tots 100 also provides blogging tutorials, webinars, social events and free blogging workshops for those who want to get involved in the world of Mummy blogging themselves.

Emily Leary created her blog, A Mummy Too, in 2011, sharing interesting food and lifestyle posts for busy parents. Emily now dedicates herself full-time to her blog and won The MADS (Mum and Dad) blog awards 2015!

As well as being packed with her favourite recipe ideas and product reviews, she also documents some quirky and unique experiences with husband Mark, their 7 year old son, JD, and 3 year old daughter, Miss J, such as her post on “How we threw a ‘train your dragon 2’ party”.

On the more serious side, Emily shares some really helpful blogs, such as “12 time management tips to keep everything ticking over” and “Tips to inspire 24/7 confidence in kids”.

The founder of Mum in the Madhouse, Jen Walshaw, writes a blog filled with fun kid’s art, craft, cooking and parenting ideas. Jen describes the focus of her blog as “trying to live a creative life through the chaos”.

Jen states, “I am passionate about crafting and cooking, and can often be found in the kitchen teaching the boys (aged 10 and 9) to make pizza dough, or making homemade gifts for family and friends. When not up to my eyes in flour or paint, I can be found writing about family life”.

Jen began her blog in sad circumstances back in 2009, when she was dealing with complications arising from undergoing a double mastectomy. Fearing she may one day not be around to see her boys grow up, she started the blog as a means of documenting their time together.

The blog has taken off hugely since then and is currently ranked No 2 in the Tots 100, and won the 2015 MADS Award for the best craft blogger. Take a look for lots of fun tips and advice, such as “Looking for a family car when you have Tweens”, “The importance of leaving art products accessible to kids” and “5 rules for cooking with kids, by kids”.

Not Another Mummy Blog, written by former magazine editor, journalist and mum of one, Alison Perry, is a lifestyle blog featuring posts on fashion, beauty, home and family life.

Alison, from London, began her blog back in 2011 while on maternity leave and has since been featured in a number of publications such as The Telegraph, Grazia and Daily Mail. It has also been named as Netmum’s Blog of the Week and Mumsnet’s Blog of the Day.

Take a look at Alison’s blog for some uplifting, fun and interesting reads, with posts such as “Things I’ve learned after a week of being a school mum” and “Mum mathematics”.

If you’re currently fostering a child, or are considering becoming a foster carer, we hope these blogs help give you some parenting tips and inspiration. However, if you would like any foster caring advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Fostering Solutions. Call us on 0800 160 160 7, or request a callback.

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