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5 Free and Fun Online Resources to Keep Your Foster Child Safe Online

Thursday 24 March 2016

Setting rules and staying safe doesn’t have to be dull. The internet is a great learning resource for children as well as a good source of entertainment. So we’ve compiled a list of fun resources to keep your foster child safe online.

1. Visit Interactive Websites

There are a number of great sites that children can browse in their own time to learn more about safety online. Below are some of our favourites

This site broken into online activities such as social networking, games, competitions, listening to music etc. Once you click through to each individual section there is a wealth of information including quizzes, videos, top tips, downloads, games and useful links.


Run by the CEOP, the ThinkUKnow website is broken down into age ranges, providing resources for each. Check out the Cyber Café game to educate children on the various situations they might come across online.

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A site for children and adults, Digizen is all about encouraging people to become sensible digital citizens. It includes games and quizzes for children as well as videos, downloads, roleplay scenarios and templates that outline family online agreements

2. Watch a Video

The Parents and Carers Guide to the Internet

An entertaining and light-hearted TV-style show that aims to answer all the tricky questions about what it takes to be a good online parent.

Keeping up with the Joneses

A short 50’s-style trailer that aims to get parents and carers thinking about their children’s online lives.

3. Chat to Your Children Online

Join your child’s chat networks – for example, Facebook, instant messaging, chat rooms, and strike up a conversation with your child. Doesn’t have to be about internet safety, you might want to send them a funny photo or video. Just communicating with them in this nature will make them realise that you’re online as well, which should make them think twice about their activity on the internet.

4. Play a Game

There are a huge number of games available that educate children about their online safety, we particularly like the ones below:

Captain Broadband

The AT&T game features a villain who is sending nasty things to children online and a superhero (Captain Broadband) who the player must help to capture the villain.

Iggey & Rasper’s Tips for Internet Safety & Good Manners

More of an interactive online quiz, the Iggey & Raspers tips for Internet Safety and Good Manners aims to educate users on internet safety and how to behave online via an interactive quiz. This is a good game if you think your child may be involved in cyberbullying.

Chat Danger

Using real-life stories, this site helps young people (recommended aged 9+) learn how to avoid the dangers in using mobiles, online chatrooms, emails, instant messenger etc. It is straight to the point and doesn’t hold back on the stories, some of them quite alarming.

5. Listen to a Song

The BBC’s ‘News Kids on the Block’ sing a song about how to stay safe online complete with music video. Ideal for any child interested in boy bands!

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