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5 fun winter activities the whole family will love

Thursday 24 March 2016

There’s a frost in the air as winter descends but family fun doesn’t need to come to an end simply because the warmer weather has waned. We’ve a mix of suggestions to inspire you into indoor and outdoor action over the coming months and to provide some low-cost recommendations to get all ages involved.

Let us know if you any of these activities make it into your season’s schedule!

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It’s perhaps not the obvious time to garden but there are many flower bulbs and vegetables that can be planted at this time of year. Let each member of the family choose something to plant and you can enjoy the results together later. You could create a mini vegetable patch with things like broad beans and asparagus crowns.

Bird watching is a cost-free activity that can actually have a positive impact on wildlife. The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch happens in January, could you and your family take part? If you want to test your brains and move your muscles, you could set up a garden scavenger hunt – make a list of outdoor items and send everyone off to see who can tick everything off first! Whatever you choose to do, why not finish up with your own winter campfire complete with marshmallows on a stick?


You might already have favourite crafts established but winter is a great time for staying cosy indoors and trying out new creative things. You might try card making, creating your own puzzles or even making puppets before putting on your own puppet show. Assign a scriptwriter and director and film your efforts! If your kids like working with Play-Doh, why not make your own characters and film them on your smartphone?


Winter picnic

A winter picnic is the perfect interlude to a walk and can involve everyone in different ways. Older children can help bake or prepare food for the picnic and plan the route; younger kids will enjoy collecting items like leaves to make a collage from, and absolutely everyone will want to get involved in the eating! If you don’t live near the countryside, why not try a picnic in the park?

Snow and ice games

You can’t always count on snow but if it does land, try and make the most of it together. Build snowmen, create snow angels and take part in some sledging together – but don’t forget to wrap up warm! Ice skating is another great winter activity and many towns and cities set up their own outdoor rinks that allow you to get some fresh air while you skate. When all your outdoor fun is done, retire indoors to make paper snowflake chains or draw pictures of your snow fun.

Movie marathon

Taking a family trip to the cinema can be expensive, so why not host a movie marathon in your own home? Draw the curtains, set up your own snack bar and settle in for some viewing. You could build a fort for extra cosiness and when it’s time to take a break, let one of the kids act as the interval snack seller to dish out the popcorn, nachos and ice cream. When tea time comes round, if there’s still room, you could enjoy a meal themed around the movies you’ve watched.

What do you love doing with your family during winter months? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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