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A Triumph for Education within Jay Fostering!

Monday 24 July 2017

Students placed with Jay have school attendance of 2% above national average.

Over the past few years, our foster carers and Supervising Social Workers (SSW) have worked together and tremendously hard to address serious educational issues presented by the children and young adults placed within Jay.

We’re delighted to reveal that this hard work has truly paid off. The findings of an independent education consultant, appointed to review education within Jay Fostering, were as follows:

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  • 99% of statutory school aged children in out care attend full-time school.
  • One young person is currently on the gifted and talented register.
  • One young person is undergoing assessment for parenting and therefore unable to attend regular education.
  • Instead, she regularly attends a centre for educational support and is hoping to enrol on an IT course in coming months.
  • One young person has access to an apprenticeship and has been working with organisations such as The Prince’s Trust and Flying Fish.
  • Key Stage 2 SATs results for Jay Fostering are 100% satisfactory.

In addition, school absence figures from the DFE for the autumn and spring terms of 2015-16 indicate that in state-funded primary, secondary and special schools across the age ranges, there is a national average attendance figure of 95.6%.

The statistics made available by Jay Fostering for the autumn term of 2016 specify an average attendance figure of 97.6%. This indicates that students placed with Jay Fostering have an average school attendance of 2% above the national average!

We endeavour to continue to address educational issues presented by children and young people in our care and strive to improve the findings of the independent education consultant year on year.

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