Are You Able to Foster a Child? Find Out with This Short Quiz

Tuesday 09 April 2019

There’s no easy way to tell if someone is the right fit for fostering. Whether they’re straight or gay, black or white, old or young – foster carers are all different, and that’s exactly how they should be.

But one thing that all foster carers should share is a caring and nurturing attitude; a desire to help vulnerable young people through life’s ups and downs.

Start your fostering journey today

Whether fostering has just crossed your mind, or you see it as your life’s ambition, it can be hard to know if you’re up for the challenge. Lots of people are put off fostering by misconceptions about how their character, personality or circumstances could affect their ability to foster – and we want to change that.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a foster carer but are yet to take the first step, we’re here to help with our ‘Are You Able to Foster a Child?’ interactive quiz. While it won’t give you a definitive answer either way, we hope it will help with your decision on if you wish to move forward with your interest in fostering.

So, get the facts in our interactive quiz and take a step closer to realising your ambition of becoming a foster carer today.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our interactive foster care quiz, and that it has proven useful in helping you decide whether or not to get into fostering. Right now, thousands of children and young people across the UK are in need of a safe and nurturing home where they can feel safe – could you give them that?

Alternatively, you can find out more about fostering and how to start fostering here.