Campaign by Kids – Giving our children and young people the mic!

Tuesday 22 December 2020

In 2020 you may remember that we ran a year long campaign called Shine a Light, which was focused all around our foster carers and the misconceptions of fostering. We shared moving and inspiring stories with you each month from our foster carers, showcasing their diverse backgrounds and how they have positively impacted the vulnerable children and young people in their care.

So what’s our new campaign, Campaign by Kids?

Campaign by Kids is all about the children – This year (2021) we’re handing the mic over to some of our children and young people who will be sharing their inspirational stories with you in their own creative way.

Start your fostering journey today

We are putting the children at the heart of the campaign, dispelling the misconceptions of fostering through their eyes and their voice.

The children will be telling us their thoughts, views and feelings about what fostering means to them through amazing content that they have created. We will be sharing poetry, drawings, quotes, videos, comic scripts and much more across our website and social media channels.

Directors for the day!

Check out the launch video below where some of our children and young people attended a filming session where they managed the filming with the support of our friendly professionals at Sitcom Soldiers and ran the show for the entire day – it’s not to be missed!

Each month, we’ll be introducing a new child as the face of the campaign and giving them the microphone to share their experiences with us. We’ll also be looking at the different myths linked to fostering and addressing these with the content created by the children.

So if you’ve been thinking about fostering but think you can’t, let some of our children and young people tell you why you can.

Have questions, or think you’re ready to apply? Get in touch with us today!