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Can Single Parents Foster?

Saturday 04 June 2016

Can Single Parents Foster?

If you’re a single parent, you may think that automatically excludes you from becoming a foster carer. However, did you know that in some situations a single parent family is actually more beneficial to a vulnerable child? It’s sadly a common misconception that in order to foster you have to fit a specific mould of being married, rich and heterosexual. Here you’ll discover why as a single parent you shouldn’t be discouraged from applying.


Why single parents often make excellent foster carers

There are a few things that make single parents potentially excellent foster carers. Firstly, being a parent already means you have experience with children. If you’re managing just fine to bring up your own children on your own and you feel you have the space and love for a vulnerable child, you’re exactly the type of carer Pathway Care needs.

Single parents also often have more flexible schedules. They already need to have flexible working conditions in order to take care of their own children. So this means they are in a great position to be there for a foster child too.

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One of the biggest advantages of single parent foster carers is they are perfect for placements with children who cannot be placed into a more traditional setting. For example, it’s a sad and devastating fact that many children come from an abused background. For example, the child may have been abused by a male so it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to be placed into a household with a male present. The same applies for children who may have been abused by a female.

These are just three reasons single parents can make excellent carers.

What concerns do single parents have about fostering?

Everybody has concerns about what fostering and how it might impact their lives. For single parents one of the biggest concerns is often financial. Obviously you don’t have the income of two people so how would you afford the additional expense of adding another child to the home? Foster carers receive an allowance which is based upon numerous factors. These include the child’s age, how many children are placed with you and whether the child has any special requirements that need to be budgeted for. So you’ll never be out of pocket.

Support is another potential concern. It is difficult bringing up any child and single parents know this better than anyone. So what extra support will you receive if you decide to open your home to a foster child? Pathway Care provides extensive support to all new and existing carers. If it’s your first time fostering, we’ll provide you with a carer buddy who is there for advice and support as you start out. You’ll also be able to reach a fully trained social worker 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Overall single parents should never be discouraged from applying. A diverse range of carers are needed to meet the needs of vulnerable children. As you can see above, single parents are even preferred in some situations. So if you’re a single parent family, call us now to find out more about how you can help a vulnerable child in your area.

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Find out if you could be a foster carer
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