Dot the Foster Grandma

Thursday 09 May 2019

Dot the Foster Grandma


Taking care of recruitment enquiries for Fostering Solutions North Wales, I am often quoted “Oh I would love to foster but I am too old” to which I reply “We currently have a 75 year old carer within our region, Dot”. I am really proud of this so I felt it was time to speak with Dot to find out more about her story.

Dot explained “As a small child I always felt privileged or different in some way. I was an only child and that was very unusual in that era of large families. Most of our neighbours had five or six children if not more. I remember my parents instilling the importance of sharing and caring, as a lot of these families were fighting for survival. I would be told to put clothes that I had outgrown to one side and these would be passed onto others. I was born at the end of the workhouse era and as a child I wasn’t quite sure how children ended up in the workhouse, I thought that they may not have had parents to care for them. Equally, there was no talk of adoption or fostering in those times, I think a lot of fostering was done on an informal basis through friends and family.”

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Throughout Dot’s working life she has undergone training as a House Mother at a council residential children’s home, she has volunteered for a dance troupe and worked in a doctor’s surgery. Being mentored by a homely matron at the home was good grounding and educational. Equally, the doctor’s surgery was in a very deprived area and demanding to say the least but Dot loved the interaction with the community and thrived there.

So how did Dot become a Foster Carer? Dot describes how her personal circumstances changed considerably and in the early 90’s Dot became a single parent to her daughter. She said “I had to consider what job I could do at the same time as supporting the two of us and fostering was the answer. I have lost count of the many placements I have had but I am still here and still learning. The training courses that I have attended have been invaluable, as most of the time past experience counts for nothing, as this role presents new challenges daily.”

Fostering Solutions North Wales are proud to have this wonderful Foster Grandma as part of the team – what an example and inspiration she is to others!

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