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Excited and Nervous all in one sitting.

Monday 22 June 2020
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Told by Helen and Jessica (NFA London and South East Foster Carers)

We spoke about fostering together for a few years but kept putting it off. You know it was not the right time, maybe next year? Do we need a bigger house? What happens if the child doesn’t like us? These were some of the questions that went through our heads. We finally decided to enquire it’s only an enquiry right? what is the worst that could happen!

The process was honest open and enjoyable at times the assessing Social Worker was great and made us feel at ease from the start.

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Wow we got through the process we couldn’t believe it, it was really happening excited and nervous all in one sitting……….

How will they adjust to us being two ladies? Our first child was full of beans, confidence and swagger. We asked him how he feels about us being two ladies sitting nervous not knowing what response would come and to our surprise he just looked up from his dinner plate and said makes no difference to me I still love you and carried on eating.

If any of your friends ask who we are? What would you like us to say? Expecting…well not knowing what to expect; his reply was well your My Auntie and your my Aunties wife!

Children and young people need love, consistency, understanding and boundaries so they can thrive and grow.

Love is Love from a proud foster carer of a very teenage boy.

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