Great ideas for Summer activities

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Great ideas for Summer activities


The summer holidays are here…hooray! Or at least that’s how you first feel when they begin. After a week however, that initial joy can quickly be replaced with frustration as you try and come up with ideas to keep the kids entertained for six whole weeks.

If you’re struggling to come up with things you and your foster child can do this summer, don’t panic! We’ve come up with some great ideas below that you can do without even having to leave your back garden…


Camping in your garden won’t cost you a penny, and it allows your children to experience sleeping outside without the panic of finding a toilet. Kids love camping and see it as an adventure, even if it is only in the back garden.

For a true camping experience, set up a disposable BBQ and cook your food outside just as if you are out in the wild. Find a stick and peel it to make the perfect marshmallow holder for dessert (though we would advise you hold off trying to light a little fire to toast them on!).

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Wildlife Eye Spy

Whilst you are out in the wilderness of your garden, why not keep a log of all of the different wildlife you can spot? Whether it’s the birds, worms or even your neighbour’s cat – it keeps the kids entertained and helps to pass the time.

If you look under rocks and stones you will be amazed at just how many different types of bugs you will find. Make sure they write them down and try to identify as many as possible.


Once it gets dark, why not listen out for bats and then take a look at the stars above to try and identify the North Star or the Big Dipper? Stargazing isn’t just educational, it’s also really relaxing for you too. We’d all benefit from just laying underneath the stars sometimes and realising just how big and beautiful the universe truly is.

Make a vegetable patch

It’s important for children to understand where their food comes from. Creating or maintaining a vegetable patch is the perfect way to help do this and there is nothing better than eating your own produce! It’s also healthier as the vegetables you grow won’t have any nasty chemicals on them. You’ll be surprised just how much nicer home-grown veg can be.

So get digging in the mud and don’t be afraid to get mucky!

Make a home for your wildlife

If you fancy getting creative, why not make a house for a hedgehog, a bird box, a squirrel feeder or even a shelter for your cat?

Different animals live in different style homes, so do some research to find out what they need and then see what you can create.

Host a BBQ

Invite some friends over, get the BBQ started, and enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather. Set up a paddling pool, get the water guns and balloons out, or play some football and enjoy time with friends. Hosting a BBQ is the perfect summer activity that all the family will enjoy.

As you can see, there is so much you can do without even leaving your home. If there’s something you and your children enjoy that isn’t on the list, why not let us know. Share your holiday activity ideas on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!