Hello, we are Children First Foster Carers

Monday 19 June 2017

Like most people, you’ve probably got a few questions to ask before deciding whether fostering’s right for you.

That’s where we can help. Our team of friendly fostering experts can offer honest and practical advice. Our recruitment officers have a wealth of experience that they can share with you. We are foster carers ourselves, so we really understand how you’re feeling. And they’re only a phone call away… Nick and I had been considering fostering for a few years before we contacted Children First. We felt that we had the love, time, patience and space for this and we both wanted to make a difference no matter how small in a child’s life that had not had the start in life that we had given to our children. We knew that not all children come into care because of neglect, abuse or many other things that a child should not experience and that at times it would be because for a short time a child may need to be accommodated for other reasons, possible illness of a parent, or hospitalisation or a prison sentence (there are many reasons for this).

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However we wanted to in some small way improve a child’s life and to help them come to terms with their past experiences and to give them the love, support and guidance to hopefully have a better future that everyone deserves. We were approved in December 2012. Since fostering for the last two years we have come across some very challenging behaviour and we have needed support in this from both our network support and the agency, sometimes for advice or just for some reassurance for ourselves, or to blow off steam and with this support and training that is available to us, we have been able to see that we can make the difference, and what would possible not be noticed by someone that doesn’t foster, like a child saying thank you when you give them something can be this difference or just the start of a bigger difference.