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Kat and Simon’s story – providing different types of foster care

Wednesday 25 July 2018

We have been fostering with National Fostering Group since June 2011. Seven years on and we still love it!

Fostering is in the family

Fostering was a big part of Simon’s life growing up, he was 10 when the first child came to live with them and for him, being a foster carer means being a family.

Before fostering I worked in the childcare sector as a nursery nurse. Helping children to grow and develop is a real passion of mine and seeing a child gain confidence, charisma and a sense of self-worth is the best feeling.

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We can bring those two backgrounds together with the help of National Fostering Group. They really understand that when a child enters care they need a home, not just a spare bed. They match children with carers so that when that child is in their most desperate moment, there is someone there who they can really click with.

Helping children to feel like they finally belong somewhere

We have had the privilege of looking after some amazing children and working alongside other carers, offering a safe place for the night in an emergency or a regular haven to children needing a break.

I have been able to help children to feel like they finally belong somewhere and played a big part in blending families through adoption.

Fostering is more than just a job, it really is a way of life. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else now I have found this.

Have Kat and Simon inspired you?

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