Keeping the kids entertained this Summer

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Keeping the kids entertained this Summer


It’s finally the school holidays! The question is, what are you going to do now to keep the kids entertained for weeks on end? If you’ve still got days left to fill, or if you’re trying to figure out what to do, we’ve thought of a few ideas which may help…

Try a new sport

The Olympics have officially kicked off and the games have inspired thousands to get up and try something new. Why not join them and try out a new sport with the kids? It’s a great way to ensure they stay active and healthy rather than sitting indoors playing on a computer for hours on end. Trying out a new sport together is also a lot of fun and it helps you to develop a stronger bond with the child, whilst creating happy memories together.

Many of the National Trust centres across the country are running events throughout the summer, so you’re bound to find at least one in your area. Failing that, you will find loads of activities at local parks and leisure centres, many of which are running taster sessions inspired by the greatest sporting event of the year!

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Delve into history

You’ll find a museum in almost every city across the UK. So why not pop along to yours? Whether it is a transport, science or history museum – Just because it is the summer holidays doesn’t mean your children have to stop learning. With so many choices available, museums are a fun way to learn all year around. Many have free entry too so it’s a great activity to do on a budget.

Support your local produce

Farmer’s markets are a fantastic place to check out in the summer. Grab some fresh food and give your children the chance to find out where your food comes from.

Or why not head down to your local “pick your own fruit and veg” farm? After all, there’s nothing better than the taste of fresh strawberries and ice cream!

Once you’ve got all of your fresh ingredients together, you can also turn them into something amazing together in the kitchen. Kids love to get involved in cooking! We recommend trying this delicious Strawberry Pavlova recipe! Check it out here.

Explore your local area

The summer is the perfect chance to go on that hike around the local hills, or get the bikes out of the shed and show off places your foster child doesn’t get to see every day. Explore the surrounding fields, woods, streets, parks or cycle tracks.

You could even try Geocaching which involves following local maps to find hidden treasures – the perfect way to explore your area. You will love the feeling of successfully following the maps and seeing what treasures people have hidden away. Don’t forget to take your own to leave behind too!

Overall the summer holidays don’t have to be expensive. As you can see above, there’s plenty of free activities that you and your foster child can enjoy.

If you have some great ideas about what our carers can do this summer leave us a message on our Facebook wall.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you make the most of the summer!