Looked After Children and Christmas

Monday 04 December 2017

Most of us think about Christmas as a time for family, celebrations and presents but for some children this is far from their reality. Things that most take for granted are a first for a child or young person within care.

Five year old Harris came to stay with Lorna and Charles 15 months ago when his parents were unable to look after him. His foster carers explained that the biggest surprise to them were simple things like watching him receive a present wrapped up and not knowing what to do with it, also laughing uncontrollably when being pushed on a swing for the first time. For foster carers watching, and being part, of these “firsts” for a child or young person they have in their care is hugely rewarding. Harris will be enjoying his second Christmas with his new family and getting excited about the anticipation of gifts and spending time with his carers in a secure, stable and loving home.

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For some other carers watching their foster child experiencing a day trip, swimming or going on a family holiday for the first time gives them, and the child, so much joy. If you want to speak to someone who can give you an in-sight into what it’s like being a foster carer contact us today