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National Fostering Group Foster Carers are featured in Woman’s Own Magazine and

Friday 29 May 2020

Nettie and Tony, foster carers with Fostering Solutions, have been featured in Woman’s Own Magazine and detailing their fostering journey and the incredible outcomes they have achieved.

In 2003, Nettie and Tony began fostering, taking in Jane and Nick, a brother and sister, who lost their mum and their families were unable to support them.

Both children were vulnerable and had experienced grief at a very young age. With time, patience, love and support, and some challenges along the way, Jane and Nick began to trust Nettie and Tony and soon became part of the family. At aged 16, Jane moved out to a flat with her boyfriend which enabled them to foster another 11 children, whilst Nick who was diagnosed with autism, has stayed with them throughout.

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Nettie and Tony showed Nick what could be achieved and inspired and nurtured him to become the person he is today. Nettie fought to get Nick into a school that could support his needs and with the one to one support he required, he began to enjoy lessons and bond with their children and grandchildren. 17 years on and now aged 24, Nick is working as a volunteer for a mental health charity, supporting others with challenges in their own lives.

Nettie concludes the article stating “Being a foster mum has been the most fulfilling role of my life, my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier”.

National Fostering Group has decades of experience in providing life-changing fostering services for vulnerable children, young people and foster carers alike. If you’d like to start on your own fostering journey and make a difference to children and young people, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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The same article was also published in Woman’s Own Magazine.

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