We’ve Just Had The Call

Thursday 20 August 2020

Poem by Jackie

We’ve just had THE phone call, Oh God, what have we done.

Do you think he’ll like us, do you think he’ll run?

Is the bedroom ready, it isn’t blue or pink?

But a neutral lemon,  He’s 10!!  What will he think?

Will he be a handful, do you think that we can cope?

This is such a scary time but our training gives us hope.

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But wait!! Just a minute , He’s 10,  he’s just a lad

We think that we are worried, he may be very sad.

Remember what our training said. The important things we do

Is to make this child feel welcome, stay calm and smiley too.

Don’t be very pushy,  let him feel his feet

Show him to his own room, offer him something to eat.

With the training we are given ,it feels so good to know

That whatever happens, we are not, ever on our own.

So, we know we can do this. We’ve so much love to give

This child will never need or want, somewhere safe to live.

They’re right outside they’re knocking .No waiting any more

We open up and smile at him, they come in. We close the door.

Written by Jackie,

One of our incredible foster carers.

This story was written by our foster carers