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Sam’s Story: Looking at the Life of a Foster Child

Thursday 15 June 2017

Sam* had been known to social services since birth and was taken into care at the age of six because his Mother was unable to look after him.



On a couple of occasions, Sam had been found wandering the streets alone in search of someone to play with. Being separated from his mother and taken into care for the first time was very traumatic for Sam. He moved to live with temporary foster carers, a placement that lasted 4.5 years. Sadly, this placement began to break down as Sam’s behaviour was too challenging.

Following this, Sam moved in with a new Fostering Relations foster family. Only age 11, he had not been attending school and was displaying really challenging behaviour. Dawn & Scott were relatively new foster carers, but very determined to support Sam and get him “to the other end”. Sam told us that living with Dawn & Scott was like moving from the “bad side to the good” and that he considers them good parents. He also explained how he sees their sons as his real brothers.

School has been a roller coaster for him, but he has made everyone truly proud by leaving school with multiple National 4 qualifications and is soon starting a 16+ programme to prepare him for work or college. The head teacher at his school commented:

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Sam’s time in High School has been a journey which has taken a variety of paths over the years.

We always strived to make this journey as smooth as possible for Sam and to keep moving forward. At times we had to stop for a pause, at times we went sideways for a spell, and sometimes we even went backwards before moving forward again. There were also some scary occasions when it looked like we wouldn’t arrive at our journey’s end successfully, which was worrying and upsetting for all.

However, thanks to all the people who supported and cared for Sam working together to help him believe in himself and his capabilities, and Sam working with this support, he happily reached his destination.

Sam finished S4 in I.H.S. and left with qualifications ready to start on his exciting Course in August. The great working partnership between home and school was essential for this success.

Sam sees his future living near his foster family and wants to help and support them. He hopes for a job working with children and wants to have his own children one day. He currently volunteers at the local youth club, attends football, plays bowls and is an active member of the local church.

We only hope Sam’s success continues and wish him every luck with the future.

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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