Sepsis. The signs to look out for….

Wednesday 04 May 2016

Sepsis. The signs to look out for….

If any child or adult who has had any infection – even a mild cold – develops one or more of the following symptoms, call 999 immediately and say you think they have Sepsis

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  1. Abnormally cold to touch
  2. Breathing rapidly/stuggling to breath
  3. Very lethargic/difficult to rouse
  4. No urine ( or wet nappy) for more than 12 hours
  5. Skin mottled, bluish or extremely pale
Remember: Sepsis can begin under the cover of any infection, such as flue, a tummy bug, a chest inspection, or even a sore throat. If sepsis is suspected by doctors, treatment with antibiotics can being as soon as possible- ideally within an hour of diagnosis- even before blood tests are given.


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