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Shaun’s Volunteer Veterinary Story

Wednesday 05 December 2018

Meet Shaun, (age 15), he is a looked after child who wanted to share his story on why he volunteers at is local veterinary practice and why he is keen to work with animals.

When did my interest in animals begin?

Well when I was a little kid I had a dog called Barney and my gran’s dogs they were the inspiration of wanting to working with animals, because I thought about what I would want to be since I was a little boy.

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I have grown to be a crazy animal lover and that’s why I wanted to work as a vet or some kind of area. I watch a lot of vet programs and I think some part of it made me realize that’s what I wanted to do. I love watching all aspects of veterinary and I read though website and books too. At one point I thought I couldn’t dream of volunteering at the vet down here. I’m just so excited that they let me volunteer and do my S4 work experience at Clyde Vet Group in Lanark.

How did you get your volunteer post at the local vet, times etc?

Before I came to this foster home, I told my social worker I would like to do some volunteer work with animals and she told my new foster carers, and they spoke to the local vets to see if they accepted volunteers. On the day I arrived at my foster carers they told me I would be starting on the following Thursday. I thought that it was going to be very busy in the vets and I wanted it to be busy because I wanted to see all the consults and what the vets do.

 After I had been a few times I really started to like it.  I got to know all the vets there, and they were very nice and now I volunteer two time a week because I just really enjoy it at Clyde Vet Group in Lanark.

The staff are great and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for letting me volunteer there and it’s a very nice Veterinary clinic.

What has it done for your confidence?

I think my confidence in volunteering at the vet here is grown since when I first started. I was quite shy at talking to the vets and then when I built my confidence up I could ask all the vets any question I like and what can I do for them. Looking back at the first time I realized I have become more satisfied with working in the vets. Since now I feel like I want to become a vet one day.

What are your plans for the future?

Well I was thinking of sitting my highers and then go to university and study veterinary medicine for the 7 years you need to do before become a qualified vet.

What would you advise other children who have goal to do something they want?

Well give things a go like following their dreams and start looking for opportunities that are out there. Start volunteering like I did and grow in to it whatever that may be don’t let people put you off your dream just follow your heart and be confident with you choice

Well done Shaun!  Everyone is very proud of you.

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