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Shine a Light on Fostering

Wednesday 11 December 2019

National Fostering Group: Shining a Light on fostering

If every person who thinks they can’t foster, makes an enquiry, we could dramatically reduce the number of new carers needed.

Showcasing the diverse backgrounds of our foster carers

The National Fostering Group has worked to produce an emotionally engaging video highlighting the diversity found within its community of foster carers.

Everyone who took part in the filming of Shine a Light, is one of our incredible existing foster carers.

A total of 14 independent fostering agencies (IFAs) make up the National Fostering Groups leading foster care service, each providing safe and nurturing foster family homes for vulnerable children and young people across the UK.

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Embracing diversity

The purpose of our ‘Shine a Light’ video involves literally shining a spotlight on the variety of groups and communities in society which are reflected among our foster carers.

We want to make sure that anyone wanting to give something back to their local area feels welcome to apply to become a foster carer with their nearest agency within the National Fostering Group family.

Because the children within our care originate from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds, we believe that it is essential for our foster carers to be able to relate to their unique challenges and experiences.

Filming day

A selection of our foster carers from the North West were invited too be the starts of our video and enjoyed a days filming.

Sitcom Soldiers specialise in video production for a wide range of UK and international clients, ranging from promotional ads for Microsoft through to highly creative music videos for artists including Johnny Marr and Will Smith.

Their family style work ethic perfectly aligned with the National Fostering Groups inclusive mission statement: “Every day we improve the lives of thousands of young people, their families and communities through a relentless focus on caring and learning”.

Poignant scenes

The video captures the full spectrum of human emotions, ranging from the jovial through to more moving and contemplative moments.

Our foster carers were initially placed into individual groups under ‘spotlights’, before being asked a series of questions they would answer ‘yes’ to by physically moving to the front of the room.

We feel that the end result perfectly encapsulates National Fostering Groups dedication towards an inclusive fostering network.

Whether you are part of the LGBT+ community, are single or in a couple, own or rent a home, or have pets; we actively wanted to convey how we are all different, yet there is one common goal of providing high quality foster care that unites us.

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Find out if you could be a foster carer
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