Sports Activities for the Entire Family

Thursday 24 March 2016

With Sports Relief just around the corner, what better time could there be for the whole family to gather together for some sporting fun? Group activities are not only enjoyable, but can boost fitness and wellbeing for all the family. Come rain or shine, our ideas will ensure you and your family get into the spirit of things and can enjoy a variety of inspirational outdoor activities and indoor games.


It doesn’t take much to convince kids to go swimming, so pack your swimming togs and head off to your local swimming baths for a fun time with the entire family. One of the best things about swimming is that no matter what your level of fitness currently is, this water-based activity supports your weight and is low impact making it ideal for all. Each member of your family can go at their own pace, and even just an hour of swimming can burn up to 300 calories. Swimming is a fantastic way to give your entire body an incredible workout.

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What could be better on a sunny spring day than going on a bike ride with the whole family? Whether it’s a cycle around the local park, or a ride through the forest, cycling is an activity that gives a boost to both the body and the mind. Young children can get in on the action when you buy a child seat and attach it to your own bicycle, whereas older children will love the opportunity to explore during a ride through the countryside. Even if you don’t have the option to cycle through local greenery, there are many allocated cycle paths throughout the UK that provide safe trails for you and your family to enjoy. Cycling is also fantastic for those that want to lose a few pounds, as an hour of this enjoyable activity can see you burning between 200 and 800 calories.


On a rainy day, gather up the family for a fun game of indoor bowling. This is an excellent way to encourage team work and with parents on one team and children on the other, their (or your!) competitive spirit will be unleashed in no time!

Indoor Badminton

Take advantage of the facilities at your local sports centre, and when the weather isn’t looking too good, enjoy a game or two of indoor badminton. Council-run spots centres are usually cheaper and can be booked in advance in hourly slots. Larger families, why not organise a mini-tournament, so everyone can enjoy a game or two?


Make the most of free activities with a visit to your local park. Take a ball and enjoy a kick around, play penalty shoot-out, or get another family to join you for a game of five-a-side. Many parks have tennis courts which can be hired for a small fee, or are completely free to use. Invest in tennis rackets and balls and play a friendly game of doubles, or get competitive with a bout of “winner stays on”.