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The Importance of Keeping Siblings Together

Monday 28 November 2016

The Importance of Keeping Siblings Together

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This month we’re appealing to anyone who feels they could give a loving home to siblings.

The number of children who enter the foster care system is staggering and unfortunately it seems to be increasing each year. Many of these children are brothers and sisters who are often forced to live apart due to the lack of foster carers who are open to caring for siblings.

As of 2015, it was estimated that over a third of siblings placed into foster care are forced apart; a situation that can be devastating for these vulnerable children. So why is it so important for us to keep siblings together?

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Why keeping siblings together in care matters

It’s impossible to imagine just how frightening entering the foster care system can be. Being taken from the home they have always known, regardless of the situation, can be terrifying. For siblings, this trauma is further deepened if they are separated from each other and placed into different foster homes. Not only have they been forced away from their family home, but they’ve also lost the closest people they had to turn to.

The sibling relationship is usually strong, but siblings who come from a challenging background can have a bond even deeper than many of us can imagine.

The benefits of keeping siblings together in foster care

There are many benefits of keeping siblings together in foster care. These include:

  • Makes settling into a foster placement less traumatic
  • They go on to achieve better grades in school
  • Supports their emotional wellbeing

You’ll find siblings who are placed into foster homes together often settle quicker, as with the support of their brothers or sisters they tend to adjust to the situation easier than those who are separated.

Studies have also shown siblings kept together go on to achieve much better grades at school. This is likely linked to the factor above. A child struggling to adjust to their new situation is going to be a lot less likely to succeed academically.

The biggest benefit of keeping siblings together is that it significantly boosts their emotional wellbeing. Our job is to ensure the children who enter our care are happy, healthy and well-looked after. When brothers and sisters are placed together, it causes much less trauma and emotional upset, making them happier overall.

Fostering siblings can be extremely rewarding. It doesn’t just benefit the children; it also benefits you. The difference you make is truly remarkable.

We always try to keep siblings together and to continue to do this we need your help. If you, or anybody you know, could provide a loving home to siblings and help keep them together, we’d love to hear from you. We provide full training and support and are by your side every step of the way. If you’d like to help please contact us today on 02920002824 or request a callback.

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