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The NFA Yorkshire Muddy Event

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Fitness Success Obstacle Gym, Rothwell, Leeds – Embracing our fantastic summer, the Yorkshire Team in the North Region held a fantastic children’s event “The NFA Yorkshire Muddy Event”, attended by John Matthews Supervising Social Worker and Jen Luwaji Yorkshire Region Team manager with Shirley Bold-Trott Yorkshire team member and Antony Dawson, foster carer, as “tough mudder” active participants.

The event was held at Fitness Success Obstacle Gym, Rothwell, Leeds an outdoor obstacle course and venue for the “Yorkshire Young Mudders”.  Attended by 14 children from around the region with an age range from 7 to 16 years everyone arrived ready for action but slightly curious as to what lay ahead. The first obstacle being a massive wooden wall to get over, no ice breakers were required, as a group the children and young people took charge and worked as team to help each member of the group over this huge obstacle, with lots of support, cheering and smiles at achieving what seemed to be the impossible.

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This set the tone for the day and each obstacle was enthusiastically taken on by the group, running jumping, crawling, wading & climbing. Everyone had a time to shine and push themselves out of their comfort zone, including our foster carer Antony and Yorkshire team member Shirley who both followed the lead of our children and young people by crawling through the mud filled trench much to the delight of the everyone. Looking like mud monsters we worked together, helped and supported each other and had the best time.

One of the children after the event saying “I didn’t ever think I would be able to do all those obstacles but I am really happy that I have” and ‘I can’t believe I did it’ and ‘look what I can do’…Wonderful comments to hear from our children and young people.

Massive well done to all who took part! With aspirations now to take part in more events and uncover more hidden talents, watch this space!


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